Diane Jones

Am I The Right Coach For You?

PEOPLE ARE UNIQUE. Let me say that again... People are UNIQUE. Finding the right coach to work with makes all the difference in the world.

I believe in peoples natural ability to heal and create the movement they wish for. I am straightforward, I listen and give honest feedback. Coaching is investing in You, I do not believe in wasting someone's time or money.

I cannot fix all of life's ups and downs but I can help you get your Compass headed in the direction you wish personally or with your recovery. I'm not the right fit for everyone -- I do understand that!

A perfect reason for your FREE First-Time Phone Consultation is to find out what you seek in a Coach.

My Approach To Coaching:

• Chat, identify goals/obstacles to chart a realistic path to "Re-Discover U" • It's Coaching -- Not counseling. • Celebrating Your Accomplishments • Brainstorming Solutions • Discard What Doesn't Work • Chart a Path For Your Success • Coaching creates the opportunity to speak freely into another person's life. To promote wellness, healing, growth, and movement. • Sometimes we just need a loving/supportive nudge

Specific To Recovery Support:

• Develop Your Own Plan • Facilitate Accountability and Anonymity (To Create A Safe Space) • Re-Aligning with You in Your Recovery • Celebrate Progress You've Made

Diane Jones

A Little About Me...

I'm a Life Coach, a Dreamer, a Motivator, and a Peer Recovery Support Advocate. I lead support groups.

I'm a native of Phoenix, Arizona; A Mother, a writer, and I am WELCOMING TO ALL! I Love healing, changes, and growth. I'm supportive of ALL BELIEFS. I love Nature, Creativity, and ART in everything.

I firmly believe in meeting LIFE ON LIFE'S TERMS -- but advocate re-charting the trajectory to grow. Music and Meditation is my healing practice of choice.

OK now the serious background stuff:
I studied Psychology and Leadership in college. I'm a Certified Life Coach and a Peer Recovery Support Person.
I co-lead a support group for Family of Addicts called "The Lobby". I also co-lead a Women's Healing and Growth Group called "Mindfully Collected".

Client Reviews:


"I suffered some very personal tragic losses in 2021; in fact, everything I loved, I lost. This was beyond overwhelming for me, and my love and zest for life completely disappeared. I fell further into my alcoholism to cope. I sought professional help from inpatient rehabs, counseling, and psychiatrists. I really thought I was going crazy searching for support solutions and I wanted my “Old-Life” back."

- - - - - -

"Diane really helps guide me through my business as well as my personal goals. She's completely thorough. I came for one thing and got it all."

Let's Talk!

My contact information is listed below. I offer a COMPLETELY FREE First-Time Consultation by phone.

Before we can work together please check out these two PDF documents: My Privacy PolicyMy Services

Let me know if you have any questions. I look forward to our conversation!